How is literature review important for a weight age thesis?

Literature review shows a refined insight of the study that you have done in the course of research and thesis writing. It shows a summarized form of the entire thesis and includes what, how and why interrogations of findings in conceptual yet contextual form.Writing-a-Literature-Review-Essay

A well written literature review is helpful in seeking information about the thesis and doing critical appraisal to analyze the application of principle of the technologies and methodologies used in research and their validity on the study. The literature review should be directly related to studies done and questionnaire prepared, should describe the areas of debate in the thesis, and explains the undefined questions or those are expected to be raised. Also, it shows the gap between what is found and that what is expected to be known but still anonymous. Apart from all these explanatory’s a literature review should also explain following points and thus it is important for a weight age thesis –

  • It delineates the problems described in the thesis and work on all the possible prospective of solving it out.
  • Literature review is written from a worthy point of view from the future prospects for the upcoming research scholars so that they can get a fair idea about what the research is all about and how a literature review is written. It also avoids superfluous doubling of the topic and the expected findings under it.
  • It appraises the methodologies used in the research and proves its authentication with the objective of the study.
  • It relates the previous understanding about the topic with that of current research work and on the basis of same suggests further research.
  • At the end it summarizes the crux of the study.

Therefore, the importance of literature review for a thesis can’t be shorn off.

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Steffi Loreti

Dr. Steffi Loreti has earned her PhD in Social Psychology. She has taught history and sociology for over fifteen years and has published forty seven research papers in impact factor journals. She has seven years of hands-on experience in reviewing and editing dissertations, proposals and technical manuscripts. She has chaired over 100 dissertations in the past. She has been supporting scholars through her company named 24x7 Editing, which offers detailed proofreading, editing and formatting services.

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