List for last minute check of your journal paper

Have you ever felt at the time of leaving your house that you have forgotten something? It might be a small thing like a tap or a fan you have forgotten to turn off. I have had a very similar feeling when sending my journal paper draft to the publishers. There are so many minute aspects that can be easily overlooked and spoil the impact of my report. I always give it one last look before sending it over, even if I have edited it thrice. So, when you are all done with your research paper manuscript, you should go through a few points before you dispatch it to the publisher.


Have you numbered each page, in the correct style? It is possible that you may have missed out a page of the manuscript or placed the page number wrongly.


Are all the graphs, charts, images and tables placed correctly? Check the labeling and numbering of all visual elements. Make sure you provide the sources, wherever necessary, for the data in tables and explanatory notes.


All chapter headings, section headings, as well as running header for the manuscript must be checked. Sometimes, the header may not be underlined, or the font may not be right. The editors always notice the headers first and form an impression about the content that follows. So, be very sure that this aspect is absolutely flawless.

Order of sections

A journal paper can have many sections and chapters. First, get to know about the order in which the concerned journal accepts papers. Secondly, check whether you have followed the same or have jumbled up the sections.

Footnotes and Index

Footnotes provide important information that cannot be included in the main text. If you miss out on footnotes, number or place them wrongly, then your editors will not be happy. Also go through the index one last time. Are the chapters and sections placed in the correct order, along with the appropriate page numbers? The index must be easy to follow and detailed.

You are welcome to suggest anything else that deserves a last minute check.

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Steffi Loreti

Dr. Steffi Loreti has earned her PhD in Social Psychology. She has taught history and sociology for over fifteen years and has published forty seven research papers in impact factor journals. She has seven years of hands-on experience in reviewing and editing dissertations, proposals and technical manuscripts. She has chaired over 100 dissertations in the past. She has been supporting scholars through her company named 24x7 Editing, which offers detailed proofreading, editing and formatting services.

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